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The Baron Of The Fjord
Recorded and Produced by Sheloom
Mixed by Jordon Zadorozny at Skylark Farm
Mastered by Filippo Gaetani and Jordon Zadorozny
Cover art by Filippo Gaetani, Marco Divic, Petulia Mattioli

Additional Illustration and Characters by Marcus Gunnar Pettersson

Special thanks to: caterina visconti, marco divic , karin haumer


songs and personnel:

1-America On Fire
written by Filippo Gaetani

acoustic guitar, bass, piano, vocals: Filippo Gaetani
drums, backing vocals: Eric Matthews
electric guitars, organ: Jordon Zadorozny

2- It takes a Wrecking Ball
written by Gaetani, Matthews, Zadorozny.
12st guitar: Filippo Gaetani
vocals, guitars: Eric Matthews
drums, bass, synth, guitars: Jordon Zadorozny

written by Filippo Gaetani, Jordon Zadorozny, Eric Matthews.
piano, vocals, drums, bass, acoustic & electric guitars: Jordon Zadorozny
synths, additional guitars : Filippo Gaetani
vocals, lead guitar: Eric Matthews


4-Prophet Approximate
written by J.Zadorozny & F.Gaetani.

Drums, Piano, bass, guitars: Jordon Zadorozny
Vocals, additional guitars: Filippo Gaetani
Horns, Strings, Rhodes: Eric Matthews
Baritone saxophone: Alessandro Riccucci
Strings arranged by Eric Matthews

5-The Bishops
written by Filippo Gaetani
guitars, vocals: Filippo Gaetani
drums, percussion, bass, synth: Jordon Zadorozny
tenor saxophone: Alessandro Riccucci
Trumpet, Trombone: Eric Matthews

6-Slow Night Light
written by Filippo Gaetani
guitars, vocals, vibes, synths, mellotron, acoustic guitar: Filippo Gaetani
piano, drums, 12 string ac guitar: Jordon Zadorozny

7-Raging Fire
written by Eric Matthews & Filippo Gaetani
bass, guitars, vocals: Eric Matthews
drums, guitars, backing vocals: Jordon Zadorozny
acid bass, keys, ambient gtrs: Filippo Gaetani

8-Spaceship Down Low
written by Gaetani, Zadorozny, Matthews.
synth, programming, organ, bass, vocals: Filippo Gaetani
drums, bass, guitars, piano, rhodes: Jordon Zadorozny
vocals, trumpet: Eric Matthews

9-The Interloper
written by Jordon Zadorozny & Eric Matthews.
piano, synths, vocals, guitars, drums, percussion, bass: Jordon Zadorozny
trumpet, trombone, vocals: Eric Matthews



10-White Skies
written by J.Zadorozny & F.Gaetani
piano, synth, bass: Jordon Zadorozny
vocals, tympani: Filippo Gaetani
string arrangement, trumpet, trombone: Eric Matthews
Strings played by Chris Church


11-Moroccan Mint
written by Filippo Gaetani
guitars, vocals, synths: Filippo Gaetani
drums, bass, piano, additional guitars : Jordon Zadorozny
Trumpets: Eric Matthews

12-Caves, Shadows and Bones
written by J.Zadorozny & E.Matthews
synth, drum programming, additional bass, guitars: Jordon Zadorozny
Vocals, Bass, horns: Eric Matthews
Strings arranged by Filippo Gaetani



@ Ray Recordings 2015


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