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"Fashioned from shape-shifting arrangements, densely packed with explosive virtuoso performances, and illustrated with the eye-popping graphics of its psychedelic video, It Scares Me whisks you off on a high-velocity joyride to the edge of the universe and back in five incredible minutes. And like any great ride, you’ll want to go again as soon as it’s over."
Darryl Sterdan-Tinnitist - Feb 23rd 2022


SheLoom drop a dollop of sweet ’70s piano-pop with their killer new single and video. Scaring All The Bees creates a nostalgic buzz with its vintage sonics, style and songcraft — and stings you right between the eyes with a set of poetic, oddly surreal lyrics that keep you guessing." Tinnitist


"..with such a hazy, shoegaze-inspired alternative pop sound that is both well-produced and eclectic we just couldn’t say no" Music For The Misfits - Feb 2021

"If you’re a fan of charismatic pop/rock with magnetic melodies, robust and cheerful foundations, and vivacious orchestration, 'The Baron of the Fjord' will reign over you in the best ways.." - See more at Rebel Noise


"...The trio call their new album “The Baron of the Fjord” filmic, and it’s not false advertising. A sprawling, occasionally mesmerizing beast, it orbits the prog-pop and orchestral rock worlds...See full review of Kevin Bronson -


...America On Fire is a lovely first taste of SheLoom’s album The Baron Of The Fjord, which is, like America On Fire, a terrific slice of modernistic/retro progressive pop that is designed to go down like a treat. And it does. Read full article on AUDIOSPRAWL


Impose Magazine "America On Fire" premiere and band interview


"If you are young and your soul is put together right, good music should scare you a little. I’m still scared by this one.” - read everything on

MAGNET MAGAZINE about SheLoom being part of the "To Love The Bee Gees, A Tribute To The Brothers Gibb"


Perfect Pop for the Digital Age - MUSIC MISSIONARY


"Welcome to a song that doesn't sound like a lot that you've probably been listening to lately, unless you have had an unaccountable hankering for your old Bob Welch records. (Nah, I didn't think so.) .." read the full review of "One More Day" on Fingertips.


Hard-hitting masters of their genre, SheLoom pumps out ten introspective pop-driven pieces for easy listening. In this album, the Oregon-based alternative pop band treats us with elements of new wave and ’70s pop reminiscent of Midlake, Wilco, Tahiti 80, Genesis, and Yes. SheLoom is Filippo Gaetani, Eric Matthews, and Jordon Zadorozny.

The collection’s opener, Seat Of The Empire, encapsulates the band’s signature style... FrostClick


Through avant-garde collaboration, former Blinker the Star frontman, Jordon Zadorozny, and world-renowned songwriter/producer,
Filippo Gaetani, formed the band SheLoom, despite living half the world away from one another. The power of the Web, impromptu jet sets to jam sessions, and a shared set of influences, made possible the launch of their debut album...RecordBag


...Whatever the case, Zadorozny's uplifting melodies (I don't think there's one song in a minor key) along with Gaetani's lo-fi orchestral arrangements are indeed refreshing. Dig the jazz chords and breezy melodies of "One More Day" - an AOR man should get this gem to Tony Bennett or Tom Jones before it's too late! The brisk tempo of "Someday Suddenly" is abetted by Gaetani's clever use of over-driven guitars deceptively submerged in the mix combined with a series of cool upper register bass motifs. "All For Love" is a spacey dirge wrapped in reverb-laden arpeggios, sleepy vocal harmonies, spooky keyboard textures and instrumental interludes worthy of Meddle-era Pink Floyd (who were the original indie rockers back in the day). Everything indie old is new again. Highly recommended for fans of the above-mentioned references and newbies who want to know what all the fuss was about before the decline of modern rock.”

— Tom Semioli, Amplifier review on "Seat Of The Empire"


The second cross-continent collaboration by Blinker the Star singer Jordon Zadorozny, and Italian prog rocker Filippo Gaetani includes an important new member, chamber pop star Erik Matthews.  This a beautiful dense album that you should check out if you haven't heard it.  Spectacular. Popfair

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